AUTORI: Keményová, P., Sashova Tomova, A., Vidošovičová, M., Čelárová, D., Radošinská, J., Ostatníková, D.

ABSTRACT: Although the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders is commonly established in childhood, there is a considerable portion of adults with autism spectrum disorders who are undiagnosed or obtained improper diagnosis. Adequate and precise assessment confirming the diagnosis in advanced age may be important for understanding their difficulties, for their improved functioning within the community later in the life course or may provide access to adequate services and interventions. This review summarizes manifestations and diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders in adults and possible related concerns.

Lekársky obzor. – Roč. 67, č. 7-8 (2018), s. 250-254. – ISSN (print) 0457-4214

Lekársky obzor – HERBA – Lekársky obzor 7-8/2018