Following the verification of the effect of testosterone and its metabolites, we find out whether other steroid hormones such as mineralocorticoids or glucocorticoids also interfere with the pathogenesis of autism. The involvement of these hormones has not yet been precisely elucidated. The aim of the project is a comprehensive analysis of the steroid metabolism in children with autism spectrum disorders compared to healthy peers. Markers of the steroid metabolic pathway are monitored separately in both sexes. We associate the obtained biological data with psychobehavioral characteristics.

The project is being carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Endocrinology in Prague … Morec

Analysis of steroid metabolome pathway markers in boys with autism/strong>

Steroidogenesis is a cascade process in which the action of enzymes produces a number of intermediates and end products that affect the overall metabolism and its specific organ functions. We follow the course of this difficult cascade in children with autism in comparison with children of the common healthy population in selected homogeneous groups in terms of age and psychobehavioral characteristics. Circulating steroids are determined in plasma by gas chromatography / mass spectrometry. We associate the observed differences with psycholobehavioral characteristics (aggressiveness, adaptability, intellect, social interaction). Subsequently, we investigate the genetic background of individual converting enzymes and the sensitivity of receptors for selected hormones.

Janšáková K, Hill M, Čelárová D, Celušáková H, Repiská G, Bičíková M, Máčová L, Ostatníková D. Alteration of the steroidogenesis in boys with autism spectrum disorders. Transl Psychiatry. 2020 Oct 6;10(1):340.