Mgr. Mária Kopčíková

Behavioral analysis (behavior analysis) is the science of behavior, the history of which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Its philosophical basis is behaviorism. It is based on the assumption that attempts to improve a person’s physical and psychological state through behavior change (e.g. education, behavioral health care) will be most effective if we focus on behavior itself.

Applied behavioral analysis is used in various fields – in pediatrics, care of the elderly, in sports, after brain damage, in education, in companies and organizational management, in the treatment of addictions, etc. Experiences with ABA when working with children with autism spectrum disorders and/or developmental delays are also significantly positive and scientifically based.

In Slovakia, ABA is being used more and more often in the approach to children with ASD. The parents’ questions are directed at the topic of diagnosis and who they can turn to, who performs ABA in Slovakia.

All professionals who work with children should have relevant education. Whether it’s diagnostics or interventions. ABA experts can have different degrees of certification, which have been covered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® (BACB®) for about 20 years.(Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® (BACB®) ).

There are 8 experts in Slovakia who have BACB certification (as of September 1, 2022).

The following have the BCBA certification degree:

Diana Čelárová, Bratislava

Zuzana Maštenová, Zvolen

Zuzana Hollá, Bratislava

Lucia Mikurčíková, Prešov

Ivana Trellová, Prešov – Bratislava

The RBT certification level has:

Barbora Guľová

Lenka Šovčíková, Selce

Petra Verešová, Bratislava

Several organizations in Slovakia (early intervention centers, psychological counseling centers, civic associations) that work with young children state on their websites that their experts work with children in the framework of intervention “with elements of ABA”. At the same time, not all of them state what kind of education they have in this field, or under whose supervision (professional supervision) they work.

On the BACB website, you can check the certification or supervision (work under the supervision and with the consultation of a more experienced colleague) of individual experts.

Parents who are looking for an intervention for their child and are considering ABA, we recommend that they get enough information in advance from the relevant workplace about who will be working with the child and how. So that they have the full amount of information before making a decision.

ABA in Slovakia is not covered by public health insurance.