The diagnostic process at the Academic Research Center for Autism is free, but we ask the parents to cooperate in the form of engaging in a research process that is based on providing biological samples of the child (single collection of stool, urine and blood) regardless of the child’s diagnosis. The second condition for completing diagnostics in our center is completion of electronic questionnaires, which will be sent to you in advance.

The Academic Autism Research Center focuses exclusively on the diagnosis of children aged 2 to 15

See the following document for more information:

Based on your interest in diagnostics in our center you will be contacted by the center coordinator, who will send you an e-mail with:

  • basic information about diagnostics,
  • electronic questionnaires, the completion of which is a condition for the realization of diagnostics in our center,
  • a unique code for your child to use when completing the questionnaires

Stool collection tubes will be sent to you by post in advance, also with a description of how to proceed so that the sample is not degraded,

We ask parents to come only with a child that is without acute infection / respiratory disease. A sick child cannot be responsibly examined and the diagnosis evaluated.