The Academic Research Center for Autism focuses on autism research. In our research projects, we give young people the opportunity to work in a creative team of researchers and gain knowledge and experience in solving scientific research Projects. At the same time, we provide the possibility of education and practice in the administration of standard diagnostic procedures for autism spectrum disorders (ADOS 2 and ADI-R) but also in other diagnostic scales. Our doctoral students have the opportunity to complete a research internship abroad, obtain scientific grants (youth grants) at Comenius University and also receive a financial reward for publishing activities during their studies.

As part of the doctoral study program at the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University, we offer ACVA graduates of the second degree of university study the solution of research topics within two programs:

  1. Medical Neurosciences (an interdisciplinary program focused on brain functions for graduates of medical and non-medical study programs, such as psychologists)
  2. Normal and pathological physiology (intended primarily for graduates of general medicine)

Published topics for the Academic Year 2022/2023 can be found in the Actual topics of diploma theses

You can also get comprehensive information about doctoral studies via Comenius University’s YouTube channel „Everything you had no idea about doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University.“