AUTHORS: Hnilicová, S., Púčaťová, A., Mikovicsová, K., Šidíková, L., Hnilica, P., Ostatníková, D.

ABSTRACT: Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impairment in social communication and the presence of repetitive stereotypical behavior. In developed countries, based on studies and national collection of information, the prevalence of 1 – 2 % of all children is estimated, with increasing trend. Incidence and prevalence ASD in Slovakia is unknown. ASD screening is active search for individuals with high risk for ASD in population. The introduction of M-CHAT screening at age 16 and 24 months could reduce the age of establishing diagnosis under 36 months (currently 4.51 years in Slovakia). Early diagnosis is a prerequisite for early intervention, which is the most important factor that can influence the long-term prognosis of PAS individuals. Suspected cases in higher age group can be screened by self-reporting methods, by questionnaire or by clinical observation testing.

Lekársky obzor. – Roč. 67, č. 7-8 (2018), s. 226-233. – ISSN (print) 0457-4214

Lekársky obzor – HERBA – Lekársky obzor 7-8/2018